Tertulia TV

Tertulia TV – Week 1

Tertulia TV – Week 2

What we’re reading this week and meeting Marian Kilcoyne and Ruth Gilligan our featured authors

Tertulia TV – Week 3

Meeting authors Shane Hegarty and Rachael English, as well as some bookclub news.

Tertulia TV – Week 4

Meet the authors: Henrietta McKervey & Lukasz Krzywon. Tune in for our bit sized Philosophy Bits.

Tertulia TV – Week 5

Meet Haleh Agar and bite sized philosophy talk.

Meet Tom Benjamin Author of ” A Quiet Death in Italy”, Cauvery Madhavan “The Tainted” pops into the shop, hear about Birds and Humans, Naquib Mahfouz and other great additions to the shop. 

Meet our favourite authors; Adrian Duncan, “Love on a German Building Site” & “A Sabbatical in Leipzig”. Also Diarmuid Ferriter, author and historian, “The Border” and “On the Edge” and Grace Kelly, founder of Paper Lanterns – Young Adults Literary Journal.

Coming to you from Tertulia, a bookshop Like no other featuring Caelainn Hogan reading from her book “Republic of Shame” and Faith Hogan in the shop talking about her latest book “What happened to Us”.

In this episode we meet Helen Corcoran reading from her book, “Queen of Coin and Whispers”, a stunning Young Adult title. Eleanor Fitzsimons drops into the shop to tell us some more about her fascination with E. Nesbitt, author of Railway Children.

Hilary Fannin tells us about her inspiration and thinking behind her latest novel “The Weight of Love.  Sandra Griffiths reads her poem from the collection “Her Other Language” and lots more tips and recommendations from within the Tertulia bookshop. 

All the best of books this week. Meet Caoilinn Hughes author of “The Wild Laughter”, nominated for Novel of the Year (on shortlist).  Also meet Anne Chambers, author of “Grace O’Malley”, telling us about her latest edition and her current project. As well as our latest recommendations…

Our first outside broadcast on a beautiful Autumn day before lockdown.  Sean Lysaght, local author and poet, reads from his latest book “Wild Nephin”.  It’s a book of nature, self-discovery, history and folklore all set in the Nephin National Park…

We do on on-line visit with Niamh of Aaliya’s Book in Beirut, Lebanon, who tells us about the challenges of rebuilding the shop after the bomb explosion there some months back…and the latest books we’re reading

Join us from our Harry Potter Corner and let us take you on a virtual ride around Harry Potter Land, Universal Studios, L.A.

Meet Laura McKenna author of the just released “Words to Shape my Name”, wonderful historical fiction and of course we talk about our latest books

Meet Danielle McLoughlin “The Art of Falling” and of course we talk about our latest books – “The Shadowy Third” Julia Parry, “Again Again” E.Lockart, “A Crooked Tree” Una Mannion 

Meet Clare Mulley “The Women who flew for Hitler” and of course we talk about our latest books – “Klara and the Sun” Kazuo Ishiguro, “Acts of Desperation” Megan Nolan, ” If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller” Italo Calvino


A Special on “American Dirt” – Tertulia TV meets author Jeanine Cummins 

Travel Special – meet Monisha Rajesh “Around the world in 80 trains” & some of our favourite travel books

We meet Taran Khan author of Shadow City, winner of Travel Book of the Year and lots of book recommendations

We meet This Eden by Ed O’Loughlin and Neil and Jane Suiter talk to Kim Ghattasm, author of Black Wave 

We meet Nuala O’Connor as part of Tertulia Presents at Westival and Jan Carsons and the winners of the Short Story Young Adult Competition