A Travel Guide to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros


This is a full, in-depth guide book to the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe, complete with descriptions of historical landmarks, best places to stay, potential dangers to tourists, price guides, local delicacies, and other tidbits. Want a holiday on the Iron Islands? Watch out for raiders – and check with the tourist office before travelling!

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Discover the seven kingdoms of  Westeros, the land brought to life in George R. R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series

Bustling cities, ancient wonders, and snow-peaked mountain ranges; the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are an attractive destination for travelers (there’s a reason why so many invaders have crossed the Narrow Sea over the centuries). This guidebook will escort you through a realm rich in culture, jaw-dropping natural beauty, and Lannister gold, helping you to navigate a continent where the landscape shifts almost as often as the balance of political power. Whether you’re looking to don your furs and follow in the footsteps of the First Men, spend an evening sharing summerwine (and a lot more besides) in Dorne, or simply root out the best “Bowl o’Brown” in King’s Landing, this travel companion has you covered. Created with you in mind, this book (based entirely on George R. R. Martin’s smash hit fantasy series) includes: “must See” best sights in the Seven Kingdoms (and beyond); practical advice on getting around, where to stay and how to ensure you keep your head attached to your shoulders for the duration of your visit; an amusing and informative look at the history of the region for those wanting to learn more about their surroundings; and no spoilers for those who are fans of the HBO show.

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