Hunter and the Grape


Author Name: Macken, Eoin
Publisher : Ward River Press
Number Of Pages: 400
Cover: Paperback
Description: Cat is 18 years old and travelling to Los Angeles with $342 in his pocket, to find the girl whom he lost his virginity to, Sophie. But he doesn’t know where she is. Finding himself unexpectedly partnered with a travelling companion, in the shape of a bewildering girl – Star, Hunter’s journey is immediately beset by difficulty and turmoil. When Cat rescues her from a trauma, she changes their names to Hunter and Grape, refusing to leave his side. The duo are joined by a homeless boy, Sir Will and his dog . With Grape nothing is as simple as it seems, and the journey to Los Angeles is thrown steeply off track. But Hunter, for whom finding Sophie Durango is an obsession, will not be deterred from his goal, even when he is faced with an examination of his character that he never expected.

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