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Cats are so mysterious. Why do they feel the impulse to climb into tiny spaces? Why do they get that feverish energy at dusk? And for an owner, what is the best way to stroke them? Dr. Yuki Hattori is an internationally recognised specialist in feline behaviour, and can give the answers to all of this and more. His guidance is well-organised and practical, with a different theme on each spread and humorous, clear illustrations showing exactly what to look for – including how to interpret your cat’s meows, tail flicks and facial expressions!

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______________‘A very appealing, beyond-the-basic reference.’– Booklist‘Cute illustrations and fascinating facts’Guardian‘A perfect gift for any cat lover’ Reader Review | 5 STARS______________Cats are so mysterious. What makes them climb into tiny spaces? Why do they sleep that much? And, most of all, how can we give them a good life? Dr. Yuki Hattori is Japan’s leading cat doctor, and to him cats are the most beautiful animals in the world. His advice comes with little illustrations showing exactly what to look for as a cat owner – including charts showing how to interpret their different meows, the direction of their whiskers and the way their tail is pointing! Cats may seem low-maintenance but thoughtfulness about where you put their water, how warm or cool they like to be, what name to choose and how to groom them properly will make a life-changing difference. With understanding, affection and respect, your cat will be more healthy and contented – and you’ll feel happier too.‘I bought this book for a friend, but after seeing it I might just buy a stack more’ Reader Review | 5 STARS‘Even my dog enjoyed looking at it’ Reader Review | 5 STARS

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