Hiking With Nietzsche


Author Name: Kaag, John J.
Publisher : Granta Books
Number Of Pages: 255
Cover: Paperback
Description: ‘Hiking with Nietzsche’ is a tale of two philosophical journeys – one made by John Kaag as an introspective young man of 19, the other 17 years later, in radically different circumstances: he is now a husband and father, and his wife and small child are in tow. Kaag sets off for the Swiss peaks above Sils Maria where Nietzsche wrote his landmark work ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’. Both of Kaag’s journeys are made in search of the wisdom at the core of Nietzsche’s philosophy, yet they deliver him to radically different interpretations and, more crucially, revelations about the human condition. Just as Kaag’s acclaimed debut, ‘American Philosophy’, seamlessly wove together his philosophical discoveries with his search for meaning, this book is a fascinating exploration not only of Nietzsche’s ideals but of how his experience of living relates to us as individuals in the 21st century.

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