Told through the careers and life stories of some of the most high profile women of the decade – including Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton – this title will explore how the media, empowered through the tools of the early internet age, created a new and brutal environment in which the rules of engagement between celebrities, the press and the public were changed.

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‘Brilliant . . . really made me realise how no one has pulled back and given an overall story to the last 20 years . . . It’s clever because it makes me think about now’ ADAM CURTIS, FILMMAKER

Britney, Paris, Lindsay, Aaliyah, Janet, Amy, Kim, Chyna, Jen. Nine iconic women whose fame in the early internet years of the century came at a price. In Toxic: Women, Fame and The Noughties, journalist Sarah Ditum describes how each of the women changed ‘celebrity’ forever, despite often falling victim to it, during what we now view as one of the most hostile eras in which to be female.

Through Paris’ ambivalent relationship with her blogger namesake Perez Hilton; to Britney’s paternalistic governors; Jen’s attempts to control her career and image; and Janet’s betrayal at the Superbowl, these celebrities of The Noughties were presented with the riches of early social media and market opportunity, as long as they abided by the new rules of engagement. Some of these high-profile women were hypersexualised and ‘upskirted’ by the press; some were shamed by their advertising sponsors; others were contracted by shady management companies and industry figures such as Harvey Weinstein and R Kelly. Together they illuminate the culture of the early twenty-first century. Toxic: Women, Fame and The Noughties is a wild ride through the millennial years.

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