The child in you


Author Name: Stahl, Stefanie
Publisher : Penguin Life
Number Of Pages: 352
Cover: Paperback
Description: Everyone longs to be accepted and loved. Ideally, during childhood, we develop the self-confidence and sense of trust that will help us through life as adults. But the traumas that we experience in childhood also unconsciously shape and determine our entire approach to life as adults. In ‘The Child In You’, bestselling author and psychologist Stefanie Stahl shares her proven approach for working with – and befriending – our inner child. Powerful, imaginative and practical – with clever exercises, from the three positions of perception to over-writing old memories – she shows how by renouncing our ‘shadow child’ and embracing our ‘sun child,’ we can learn to resolve conflicts, form better relationships, and find the answer to (almost) any problem.

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