A raven feather crown in Bhutan, the 200-year old glass beads picked up in Venice, a silver rat trap in Verona, a blood-soaked carpet in Dhaka, a single flower in the Iranian desert or bejewelled skeletons in Austria. Feather, glass, silver, blood, sand, bone – these substances contain the lives of people who came before, their times of crisis and celebration, of hardship and splendour. Over a lifetime of travel, Rosita Boland has visited some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the globe, discovering how people live, their histories and traditions. She has seen how the material world holds stories from the past better than people ever could; how objects can powerfully reveal the memories of a population and help us understand the modern world.

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‘I was fascinated, moved and entertained by every page. This is the kind of book the world needs right now’ DONAL RYAN

‘My dictionary’s first two definitions of ‘comrade’ are:

A close companion.
An intimate associate or friend.

The third one is:
A fellow soldier.

My friends have been all those things to me.’

In this stunning essay collection, award-winning journalist Rosita Boland explores the many friendships that have shaped her life. Surprising and beautiful, she writes about the imaginary friends of early childhood, books that have provided companionship and joy, kindred spirits met while travelling, the friend she hoped might become something more, and also the friendships that become lost over time.

Life-affirming, affecting and wise, Comrades is a powerful exploration of what it is to live, to connect, and to be human in this world.

‘A moving, beautiful and deeply felt meditation on friendship, loyalty and connectedness in a disconnected world’ HILARY FANNIN

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