From Spain and Italy, through Greece and Turkey and down to North Africa, the Med is a rich seam of deeply delicious food. While each country has its own unique dishes and distinct cultures, there is a commonality that brings the Med together – hot summers, dry winters, coastal briny winds, alfresco eating, street markets, sacrosanct meal times and making the best of local seasonal ingredients and produce, often in the simplest way. In this mouth-watering collection, Ben Tish creates outstanding simple, modern recipes whose flavours transport you to the Med with minimal effort in the kitchen, bringing the flavours, sights and smells of your favourite holiday meals to life.

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Across the Mediterranean, from Spain to Morocco, via Italy, Sicily, Greece and Lebanon, one delicious food influence gives way to the next. The whole region is a rich seam of deeply delicious food, and the recipes in this mouth-watering collection are gathered far and wide from anywhere the Mediterranean Sea touches the shore.They are recipes full of passion, colour and flavour, simple and accessible, and will instantly transport you to the sun-soaked shores of your favourite holiday destinations with minimal effort in the kitchen.These are dishes inspired by the Mediterranean classics, by how locals eat or by single ingredients – think olive oil, the perfumed zest of lemons and oranges, fresh herbs, ripe seasonal tomatoes, juicy stone fruits, oozy figs, sizzling garlic, crushed, aromatic spices, smoky grilled meats and plenty of flatbreads to mop up the juices.Recipes include:Burek with honey-roasted pumpkin, goat’s cheese and mint from CroatiaOven-baked black rice from SpainLebanese seven-spice falafelCumin-roasted aubergines from TunisiaCretan grilled smokey sardinesSicilian sea bass crudo with blood orange and cuminPork belly gyros from GreeceTurkish-style spiced lentils with pumpkin, chicken and aleppo pepperMoroccan pastilla with slow-cooked pheasantQuince and honey tart from Syriaand a classic Italian TiramisuTravel across continents and delve into these pages to not only cook like a Mediterranean but eat like one too: take time, invite friends and family, pour a glass of wine and lay the table. Bon appétit!

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