World War II


Go back in time and experience history with this picture-led guide to the Second World War. This book tells the story of the second devastating conflict of the 20th century that tore the world apart by – divided by international alliances and growing tensions between nations. Meet the key players who influenced the outcome of this global struggle. Explore major events such as the attack on Pearl Harbour, the Battle of Britain, the D-Day invasion, and the atomic bombs in Japan, and discover how clever code-breakers developed new technology to decipher hidden messages and gain military advantage over their enemies.


In collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, go back in time and experience history with this picture-led guide to the Second World War.

A war history book for children that will take them through the events of World War II in a simple, illustrated, and fascinating way! The answers to the most pressing questions about the second world war are encapsulated in the pages of this children’s book.

DK Eyewitness World War II captures the imaginations of children aged 9-12 years and teaches them about the main battles, key players, technological advances, and everyday people caught in the middle of WWII.

This World War II book for kids includes:

– The perfect introduction to a subject that fascinates children and ties in with a key school topic
– Fresh new look with updated photography, fun diagrams, and new “eyewitness” features
– Updated information by expert consultants in the field
– A unique visual approach that immerses children on every page and an added wall chart is full of facts and images

In 1939 the world was in turmoil – Europe had declared war, and in the years to come, countries like Japan and the United States would also join the global conflict. In collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, readers can take a trip back in time and learn about the factors that lead up Pearl Harbour, the Battle of Britain, the D-day invasion, and how the atomic bomb almost wiped out Japan.

World War II also gave rise to many advancements in science and technology and saw women work outside of the home. Children will learn about the industries developed during the war, code-breakers, important leaders, facts about warfare, weaponry, vehicles, maps, secret documents, and atrocities such as the Holocaust. Filled with simple text and eye-catching photographs and illustrations, kids will come to understand how WWII reshaped the world.

With a groundbreaking visual approach and clear, child-friendly text, DK Eyewitness books have been a trusted favourite for parents, teachers, and school-age children since 1985. Now with an exciting makeover, this popular series has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorers!

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