Adventures in philosophy


‘Adventure in Thinking’ is the perfect introduction to philosophy and a really useful tool to encourage children to question: why do they do what they do, why they feel the way they feel, why they think what they think. It also seeks to encourage children to ask adventurous questions like: ‘why is there something rather than nothing?’, ‘Is what I see and experience real or an illusion?’, ‘Can I know anything with certainty?’ Harnessing the child’s natural curiosity, ‘Adventures in Thinking’ takes through travellers along a journey of the mind, discovering themes such as wonder, questioning, thinking, dreaming, body, soul, courage, nature, technology, art, time, love, knowledge, wisdom and silence.


‘I wish you all, young and old, great adventures with this most welcome work.’ Sabina Coyne Higgins

Step into the unknown and venture deeper into the word-forest of your soul. Read the wondrous folk tales and learn about the innovative ideas of daring thinkers.

Journey with our intrepid thinking heroes, who discover maps that guide us to wisdom and profoundly change the way we see others, the world and how we live upon the earth.

Through stories, questions and thoughts, Adventures in Philosophy will cultivate your sense of curiosity and courage, your ability to question, learn, experiment and think for yourself. You will discover the tools for map-making in philosophy, and follow your very own thought compass, which will direct you on an enlightening philosophical adventure.

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