A coup in Turkey


Author Name: Seal, Jeremy
Publisher : Chatto & Windus
Number Of Pages: 288
Cover: Hardback
Description: In the spring of 2016 travel writer Jeremy Seal went to Turkey to investigate perhaps the most dramatic, revealing and little-known episode in the country’s history – the ‘original’ coup of 1960, that deposed the traditionalist Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. The story of the charismatic but doomed Menderes – to his adoring supporters the country’s founding democrat; to his sworn enemies its most infamous traitor – goes to the heart of the feud that continues to rage between the western and secular ambitions of a minority elite and the religious and conservative instincts of the small-town majority. ‘A Coup in Turkey’ is an account of the events leading up to the coup and the trials and executions that followed, a story of political subterfuge and score-settling, courtroom drama, state execution, authoritarian intolerance and ideological division.

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