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Join us for our next Meeting on Thursday 6th May at 7pm 

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About this Event

The Philosopher’s Hat Club invites participants to put their philosopher’s hat on, and once a month to engage in a meaningful and facilitated conversation about the world we live in, with other participants.

The theme for this edition of the Philosopher’s Hat Club is Search for Meaning in a Post Modern World

Steven Pinker in his book Blank Slate talks about the “3 slaps of science” that undermined our certainty about who we, humans, are in the world and the meaning of our lives. Together we’ll search for things that could bring meaning to our lives (if we need it at all of course that is). 


The Philosopher’s Hat Club was launched online on 4th February 2021, inviting participants to put their philosopher’s hat on, once a month to engage in meaningful and facilitated conversation.  The Club is a joint venture between Creative Together and Tertulia, a bookshop Like no other. The initiative is supported by Spot Lit EU in association with the Western Development Commission. 

We nearly all have some assumptions about how the world works.  Examining these assumptions is what philosophy is really about.  We can often find ourselves in a black and white world, especially on social media. The club offers participants an opportunity to develop a more nuanced look at the world, in the form of an open inquiry with other participants. Although the topics can sometimes be serious, the tone of the meetings will be light and fun. The Philosopher’s Hat Club aims to bring delight in thinking together and thinking well. It also hopes to answer a need for people to connect during times where physical contact and movement is restricted due to the COVID virus.

Monthly events will introduce a different topic each time. The club aims to make those as relevant to the world we live in today as possible. There are many threads in classical philosophy that are still as valid today as they were in the past. And there are many issues and problems facing today’s world that require a deeper reflection in search for new solutions. Each topic will come with a recommended reading list of interesting books.

The meetings will be facilitated by Lukasz Krzywon from Creative Together (based in Cong, Co. Mayo) and Brid Conroy from Tertulia bookshop (Westport, Co. Mayo).  Both share an interest in philosophy and philosophical thinking. Lukasz is a philosopher, author and educator. He is passionate about teaching children how to think well and about introducing important ideas using philosophical enquiry into Irish classrooms. He has trained with the best facilitators in Ireland and UK. 

Brid, whose background is also in philosophy, aims to make a positive contribution to the way the world thinks through her bookshop, Tertulia, a bookshop Like no other.  Pre-Covid Lukasz and Brid organised a number events at the bookshop on issues relating to Climate Change, Philosophy and Poetry.  Since Covid hit Ireland, they conducted a successful pilot for conducting meetings on-line.

The first few meetings will be free but require booking a place in advance. In the future, the club will work on a membership basis as a contribution towards the cost of running the events. It is anticipated that quarterly events will be held in Westport, when this is possible.  Experts will be invited to some of the meetings and on the 4th March, the club will welcome a special guest, Nigel Warburton, the author of a very popular “A little History of Philosophy”, a great start for anyone interested in philosophy.