Tertulia, a bookshop Like no other – strives to make a positive  contribution to the way the world thinks.

We live and work in the community.  We’ve created a shared social space for conversations.  

We organise events to give voice to stories that make a difference.

We connect authors and readers.

We support enterprise within and outside our community.

We create jobs.

We care about books, we sell second hand books.

We support the circular economy.

We use green electricity.

The Tertulia van is electric.

We reuse paper from  book storage.

We re-cycle what we cannot reuse.

We support local initiatives. 

Who we are @ Tertulia

Tertulia is a private company – Roonagh Point Ventures Ltd owned by Brid Conroy & Neil Paul, who manage the shop.

Our aim is to make a wage for ourselves and create a social space for meaningful discussions about literature and life.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to the shop.

We are inclusive of all.

We give time to all who pass through our shop.  Many conversations and connections are made.

We are happy for all to browse the books or to sit for a while but within reason as we need to sell these books, in order for the shop to continue in existence.

We ask people to respect the space we offer and other customers.

We ask that children under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult.