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autumn Events
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Westival Literature and Philosophy events –  26th to 31st October

All Night Time Events sponsored by the NTESS scheme

Direction Forward – What we owe the future?’ 8.00pm on Friday 28th October 

At the amazing Grove House 

Come join Creative Together and Tertulia Bookshop for an evening of thought provocation and lively debate. Starting with the theory of ‘longtermism’ we will pose some interesting questions, drawing on a varied tapestry of philosophy and literature, to help fuel the fire of enquiry.

Simply defined ‘longtermism’ is the view that positively influencing the long-term future is a key moral priority of our time. But this view doesn’t come without some challenges and so is the future of our planet.

 Can humans act wisely in response to global challenges? What values are required to create sustainable future? Where can we draw inspiration from to leave the world a better place? What we owe the future?


Why not join us for an evening of poetry and inspiration from Seattle Poet, T. Clear and local poet Sean Lysaght in a unique collaboration.  

Admission – free event with a glass of wine

(Whats not to like!)

Location: Tertulia Bookshop, The Quay, Westport
Time: 7.30pm 

Why not brighten those darker Autumnal evenings with the light of your creativity? Use the ink of your life to write memoir, stories or poetry. No experience is necessary, although experienced writers are welcome. All you need is a desire to write and share your work with others. This is not a craft workshop, there will be no critical feedback and it’s not a therapy session, just a facilitated writing space in which you will put words on the page. Kate Carty is our facilitator who has an MA in writing from NUIG and she has facilitated numerous workshops over the years.
There will be tea and coffee to help those creative juices to flow.
Supported by the Night Time Economy Support Scheme

Admissions – €10 inc Vat for per night
Location: Tertulia Bookshop, The Quay, Westport
Times: 6.30pm to 9pm
Dates: Remaining Tuesdays as follows:
27th September
4th October
11th October
25th October


TERTULIA'S, LAUNCHES & meet your favourite authors

4th August – Join us for an Evening Tertulia with Creative Together

8pm to 9.30pm

The theme for this is: Where does Social Sustainability and Market Economics cross over


with special guest Jim Power and host Lukasz Krzywon 

Jim Power is one of Ireland’s leading and best-known economic analysts. Jim has a wealth of experience in delivering insightful economic analysis, forecasts and commentary to both Irish and international audiences. He writes regularly for national newspapers and is a regular contributor to radio and TV debates and discussions, and podcasts such as The Stand and Win Happy.

Lukasz Kryzwon of Creative Together is a philosopher and founder of Philosopher’s Hat Club along with Tertulia Bookshop.

Tertulia’s originated in Spain and like the French “Salons” provided a space for people to discuss life and literature.
We invite you to engage with each other over a coffee or glass of wine
Previous Tertulia’s we covered the origins and workings of the Citizen’s Assembly, the crossover of poetry and philosophy, what does climate change once resolved look like?
Join us for an evening’s Tertulia

23rd July – an evening with Kieran Cooke – The accidental Foreign Correspondent 7pm to 8.30pm

Chasing Gadaffi round the Sahara Desert, chance meetings with the Pope and Castro, a kick in the head from a Ukrainian pole dancer, shot at in a Belfast cemetery, searching for Ludwig Wittgenstein’s chickens in Connemara – it’s all here in ‘The Accidental Foreign Correspondent’.

Kieran Cooke, based between homes in Mayo and Oxford and a foreign correspondent for the BBC, Financial Times and the London Independent, reflects on more than 40 years of reporting from around the world – the highs, the lows and the downright bizarre. Kieran, a long time contributor to the BBC’s flagship ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ programme, will be launching and reading from his book at Tertulia bookshop.


Tertulia literature & philosophy series

Friday, 18th March, 7.30 p.m. SOLD OUT

Come join us in welcoming Claire Keegan to Tertulia, where we will chat to Claire about her books and hear Claire read from her latest book “Small Things Like These”.

Claire Keegan’s stories have won numerous awards and have been translated into thirty languages. Her works are published in The New Yorker, Granta, and the Paris Review. Antarctica won the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature and was a Los Angeles Times Book of the Year. Walk the Blue Fields won the Edge Hill Prize, awarded to the strongest collection of stories published in the British Isles, judged by Hilary Mantel. Foster won the Davey Byrnes Award, the world’s richest prize for a short story. It is now part of the school syllabus in Ireland and has bed. adapted to the feature film An Cailin Ciuin/ The Quiet Girl.  Her latest work, Small Things Like These, was recently published to huge international acclaim. The critic, Declan Kiberd, has written that she is “a writer already touched by greatness.”

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We were delighted to be involved in last year’s Westival. 

The line up was super.

Fiction, debate, workshops, art, literature, authors…what’s not to love!

Check out our events below. 

Sponsored by Spot-Lit EU

A Room of One’s Own – The Necessity of Literature in Today’s Society. 

Wednesday, 20th Oct, 7.00 p.m.

Come join Creative Together, Tertulia Bookshop and The Philosopher’s Hat Club for an evening of literature, thought provocation and lively debate. Starting with Virginia Woolf’s radical essay we will pose some interesting questions, drawing on a varied tapestry of prose and poetry, to help fuel the fire of inquiry. 

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Picturing Writing – Meaning Making in the Language of Pictures and the Language of Words.

Thursday, 21st Oct, 2.00 p.m.

Mayo Writer in Residence Elizabeth Reapy, Tertulia Bookshop and Mayo Arts Service come together to mix the artistic medium of drawing and writing with a view to freeing your creativity. Learn about free writing and free drawing, how the two are interchangeable and can inspire creative and artistic flow.

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Fiction Writing and Other Horror Stories – Nuala O’Connor and Sophie White In Conversation.

Friday, 21st Oct, 7.00 p.m.

Tertulia Bookshop is delighted to introduce award winning authors Nuala O’Connor (Nora, Becoming Bell, Miss Emily) and Sophie White (Corpsing – My Body and Other Horror Shows, Unfiltered, Filter This). Spend the evening in our company, where we will be talking all things fiction.

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 The Little Prince on Planet Earth – Children’s Creative Workshop.

Saturday, 23rd Oct, 2.00 p.m.

The Little Prince is a novella by french aviator and writer Antoine de Saint -Exupéry. This well loved children’s book, first published in 1943, has sold over 140 million copies. The story follows a young prince who visits various planets in space, including Earth, and addresses themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Come join us for a fun creative workshop. 

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Watch Back - Launch Event of The Hidden Child and The Orchard Girls (Tertulia Event SepT 2021) Double Delight!

Wednesday, 8th Sept, 7.00 p.m.

Louise Fein’s anticipated novel The Hidden Child is on our bookshelves now. 

We are delighted to have Louise back with us again, hot on the heels of her very successful novel People Like Us. Join us for a catch up with Louise on all things bookish, with an in-depth look at her latest creation, a novel set in 1920’s England at the time of the Eugenics movement. 

Life for Eleanor and Edward is not all it seems to be. Secrets and scandal have a way of creeping out at the very worst moment. 

We are excited to get to meet Louise virtually at Tertulia and find out more about her work and her anticipated second novel. 


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Wednesday, 8th Sept, 7.00 p.m.

Nikola Scott joins us virtually at Tertulia for the launch of her third novel The Orchard Girls.  

Nikola’s work includes My Mother’s Shadow and The Summer of Secrets, all transportative fiction, where we take a trip back in time to the early 20th century. 

Nikola creates worlds for us to get lost in and her latest creation is centred around The Women’s Land Army and how seventeen year old Violet’s life changes forever.  

We are excited to get to meet Nikola virtually at Tertulia and find out more about her work and her anticipated third novel. 


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the End of the world is a cul de sac (Tertulia Event JUly 2021)

Wednesday, 7th July, 7.30 p.m.

‘From the minute I started to write, I didn’t care if the house fell down around me.’  Louise Kennedy’s admission in her recent Irish Times interview.  (Sat April 3rd, 2021)

The chef turned writer’s debut collection of short stories has been causing quite a stir, even rumours of bidding wars over the manuscript. 

The End of the World is a Cul de Sac was finally secured by Bloomsbury and has been published in April of this year to great reviews. 

Kennedy grew up in Hollywood in County Down and was always, consciously or otherwise, in the presence of division. That idea comes through in her stories, the them and us, the other and belonging. 

Her short stories have won prizes and been widely published. In both 2019 and 2020 she was short-listed for the Sunday Times Audible Award, the world’s richest prize for a single short story, and the An Post Irish Short Story of the Year. 

She has written for the Guardian, Irish Times, BBC Radio4 and RTE Radio 1. 

We are delighted to get to meet her here at Tertulia and find out more about her work and her journey into writing. 

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Hilary Fannin and the weight of love (PREVIOUS Event June 2021)

Previous Event – June 2021

Hilary Fannin will be talking to us about her latest novel The Weight of Love. 

HILARY FANNIN is an award-winning playwright and newspaper columnist. Born in Dublin, where she still lives, she was writer in association at the Abbey Theatre in its centenary year. 

Her plays, including Mackerel Sky, Doldrum Bay, Famished Castle and an adaptation of Racine’s Phaedra, have been performed in Ireland, London, Europe and North America. She writes a weekly column for the Irish Times and was awarded Irish Columnist of the Year in 2019. Her memoir, Hopscotch, was published to critical acclaim in 2015. 

The Weight of Love is her first novel.


Come and chat with us as we get to know a little bit more about Hilary and her creative process. 

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Previous Event -June 19th of June, 7.30 p.m.

A French native, Victoria Mas was raised in the south of France and fed unique local specialities from her village that still haunt her today. 

After studying in California, she got her Master’s degree in Literature from the Paris Sorbonne University and remembered all the times she stepped into her Montmartre bakery to get through the exams.  

She is author of the acclaimed debut novel The Mad Women’s Ball and is our guest this month at Tertulia. 

Come and join us for an evening with Victoria, where we learn all about her latest novel and hear the exciting news of her film rights for THE MAD WOMEN’S BALL. 


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