Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Make a Book List and check it twice (Living section – Mayo news 24th November 2020) by Brid Conroy I’ve heard it said around me and I say it too; I dread the onslaught of winter. Yet the approaching darkness gives rise to another voice lurking in the shadows, the voice of my inner child waiting patiently for Christmas to come around once more. The magic of giving and
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Stoic mindfulness for these times (Living Section – Mayo News 10th Nov 2020 by Brid Conroy The first Stoics appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greece. They advocated an acceptance of every moment as it presents itself, asserting that by not allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear and desire, we can achieve ‘eudaimonia’, happiness or blessedness. Much of our literature and poetry, I believe, has emanated from
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Giving Voice to Women Past (Living section – Mayo News 27th Oct 2020 by Brid Conroy We cannot underestimate the power of our inherited stories, be they mythical or historically factual, to engender a sense of belonging. When we belong, we have a voice. Yet both books this week challenge us to explore the missing female voices from many of our past stories. In ‘A Ghost in the Throat’,
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Love, lives and storylines (Living section – mayo news 6th oct 2020 by Brid Conroy Love, is a theme of both my books this week. There have been times in my life when love would seem to be the only thing that really makes sense. Yet answering the question of what is love, is in itself one of life’s biggest unanswerable. Both books explore this question in their own
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Reading for uncertain times (Living section – mayo news 15th Sep 2020 by Brid Conroy My two book choices this week deal with the themes of uncertainty and change.  Both books allow the reader to explore how good we really are at understanding others and indeed ourselves. My first book choice is fiction entitled “What happened to us?” a new book from Ballina based author Faith Hogan. I started