Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now where I Work – a Perfect Place to Potter. This week, the lovely Rose Costello paid us a visit at Tertulia – A Bookshop Like No Other, for a look at where we work.  I think we are pretty lucky in that we live and work along the beautiful Clew Bay in County Mayo and that is pretty special. What is also special are the items in our store.
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now A Crooked Tree & People Like Us – Book REviews SpringTime. A Crooked Tree by Una Mannion ‘The night we left Ellen on the road we drove up the mountain in silence.’ This is the opening line of Una Mannion’s new book. It sets the tone, draws you in and caresses you into addiction…addiction to turning the next page to see what happens. Like a car crash, you don’t
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now In the Dark Book review by Debbie Maxwell ‘In the Dark’, a phrase that will resonate with readers more than ever in this seemingly endless series of lockdowns. Author Anamariá Crowe Serrano certainly captures how intensely divisive the Spanish Civil war was for the ordinary citizen. Homes become battlegrounds, families become enemies and the dark becomes both a place of terror and refuge. For those struggling to escape the
Bookshop of the Year Shop Now Tertulia wins Bookshop of the year 2021 – island of ireland Winner: Island of Ireland Ireland’s champion is County Mayo’s Tertulia, a Spanish word for a circle of people discussing books. It has become a cultural hub since opening in 2019, and used media coverage, a new website and its own Tertulia TV to keep patrons loyal despite 24 weeks of lockdown in Ireland.  Last year was difficult for
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now House of Hollow and The Shadowy Third Book Reviews The Shadowy Third – Love, Letters, and Elizabeth Bowen. The acclaimed Anglo – Irish novelist Elizabeth Bowen expended some of her literary talent crafting ghostly short stories which explored the impossible, otherness and what lies beneath the veneer of reality. One of her short pieces of fiction entitled ‘The Shadowy Third’ hints at a malevolent presence. Julia Parry’s recent novel