Book Clubs at Tertulia Shop Now Lorraine Lavelle reviews latest Tertulia Book Club Read “Comrades” by Rosita Boland When you think of the word “friendship”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it’s the image of a particular friend, one that you’ve had since childhood who has been with you through life’s ups and downs. Or perhaps it’s an emotion, a sense of joy or comfort that come with different friendships, old and
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Two Princes with lessons for all (Living section – Mayo News (16th November 2021) by Brid Conroy On days when the world seems like a much more complicated place than it needs to be, I am drawn to the children’s section in the bookshop to indulge. There is joy there, but the power of children’s literature can never be underestimated either.Through stories, children are allowed to explore their own
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Mars, Venus and Fiction (Living section – Mayo News (19th October 2021) by Brid Conroy Various surveys from recent times show that fiction readers are 80 percent female. Apparently this has been the case since the 18th century. Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility was first published in 1811. Women of that era, with leisure time on their hands and having received no formal education other than the basics, began
BLOG Post Shop Now Book REviews- Corpsing by Sophie White and Nora by Nuala o’Connor. Nora by Nuala O’Connor When Nora Barnacle, a twenty-year-old from Galway working as a maid at Finn’s Hotel, meets young James Joyce on a summer’s day in Dublin, she is instantly attracted to him, natural and daring in his company. But she cannot yet imagine the extraordinary life they will share together. All Nora knows is she likes her Jim
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now childrens book reviews Fraser! Not Way Too Tall After All! Written by Joy M. O’Hora Illustrated by Mairead Brennan This is a beautiful Christmas story for children.  It is about a fir tree named Fraser growing in the forest, who waits and waits to be chosen as someone’s Christmas tree, but no one wants him because he is too big. Fraser learns to be patient and he gets his