Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now free thinking unveiled (Living section – mayo news 23rd feb 2021 by Brid Conroy To unveil is to remove the cover, to make something secret (or concealed) known. In 1856, Gustave Flaubert revealed the tragic life of ‘Madame Bovary’, and was arrested and tried for offending public morality and religion.Married to the doctor in a small rural village in Normandy, France, Emma Bovary cannot possibly allude to the melancholy
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now 10 Best Books you should read (tertulia, kildare libraries & woodbine books As part of the Kildare Libraries “Squeeze in a Read Campaign, Tertulia along with Woodbine Books presented their 10 Books you should read … This is what the audience are reading and love…
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now IF THE TRUTH BE KNOWN (Living section – mayo news 9TH FEB 2021 by Brid Conroy Honesty is the best policy, my granny always told us. However, what is true to one person may not be so for another.On the one hand, studies show that we are naturally altruistic from an early age, yet other studies have shown that even children have the capacity to lie, if they believe
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Start the year on a positive note (Living section – mayo news 12th JANUARY 2020 by Brid Conroy Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year’. We utter these words to each other as the year comes to a close. This year, particularly, we have had plenty of time to ponder what exactly we mean by ‘happiness’ and ‘prosperity’. Are they defined by our levels of income and employment,
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Stoic mindfulness for these times (Living Section – Mayo News 10th Nov 2020 by Brid Conroy The first Stoics appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greece. They advocated an acceptance of every moment as it presents itself, asserting that by not allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear and desire, we can achieve ‘eudaimonia’, happiness or blessedness. Much of our literature and poetry, I believe, has emanated from