Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now A Novel, A Mystery, an epic and a classic by Brid Conroy Mayo News July 4th 2023 Summer reading; it is that time of the year again, when most of us privileged ones get some time outfrom our normal routine to chill out and of course to pick up a book. There is no need to feel guilty forspending time immersed in someone else’s story or even a fictional
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now A Bit of a Wrtier (Living section – Mayo News 23rd May by Brid Conroy Who hasn’t got a Brendan Behan story? Neil’s Dad had a drink with him in a pub called the Pavey’s Arms, across the road from Westminster Hospital in London.  Apparently he was still in his hospital robes and had popped out for a quick pint.  Urban legend or not, he was famous for his
  Book Talk Bríd Conroy Bookshops all over the world are steadfast in their determination to promote the power of books. Recently I attended the first ever International Conference for Booksellers in Prague hosted by RISE Bookselling, an initiative supported by the EIBF (European and International Booksellers Federation), which represents over 25,000 members. Inspirational authors and speakers shared their stories with booksellers from 25 countries. One speaker in particular wowed us all, Hannah Gold, a
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now TAckling dangerous historical myths – Mayo news 25th Aug 2022 by Brid Conroy The smell of honeysuckle on a summer’s evening as I pass my neighbour’s house is made even more poignant by the sight of the silver moon rising behind Clew Bay in a still red sky from the sunset.  I wonder at my luck to live here and equally how division and strife in the world can
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Harrowing Tales of Bessborough (Living section – Mayo News 19th May 2022) by Brid Conroy In the eighties I spent a wonderful summer in the Channel Islands working in a hotel. It was there I met a lovely, gentle, caring young girl from the Midlands. We lost touch as the years went on but her story stayed with me.Two years prior to us meeting, she had become pregnant and