Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now a darkly compelling tale of injustice and strength (Living section – mayo news 19th July 2021 by Brid Conroy Learning about the past helps us to understand where we are today’. So said Victoria Mas, the prize winning bestseller French author of ‘The Mad Women’s Ball’ during our interview with her for the Tertulia Members Forum, last week, coming to us all the way from Paris.The book centres around
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Occupation – reviewed by Luke Power – exciting new Literary Fiction from Argentina translated by Charco Press – Published on 17th August 2021 A dozen chapters in, Occupation becomes compelling. The narrator’s dog is found, having been missing — but he is badly maimed, his tail severed in a garage door. Tango the Alsation is described as ‘suffering so badly that he couldn’t help himself and he sank his
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now The Beauty of Impossible things Book review. I turned fifteen that summer, which I never believed to be significant, though afterwards people claimed quite vehemently that it was. I was described as unfinished and open to powers from beyond – a dark ingénue. It is the kind of thing people like to write about young women, as if we were half witch. I should have found it insulting, but
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Debbie Maxwell reviews ” a long way from douala” by max lobe (an african story) This riotous story careers around Cameroon, exploring the bonds of brotherhood and family ties. In a word, the book is noisy. Max Lobes’ latest novel is an exciting glimpse into a world that I had known little about. He writes in a very appealing manner- the chapters are brief but intense; brimming over with
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Reconnecting with Nature – reviews by brid conroy Memoirs tell the stories of peoples’ lives. They tend to be written by people whom society may perceive to have achieved great things or to have overcome huge obstacles. Yet no human story is without challenge. Just living and being human is a story. My two book choices this week are about survival and resilience in the face of our fallible