Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now TAckling dangerous historical myths – Mayo news 25th Aug 2022 by Brid Conroy The smell of honeysuckle on a summer’s evening as I pass my neighbour’s house is made even more poignant by the sight of the silver moon rising behind Clew Bay in a still red sky from the sunset.  I wonder at my luck to live here and equally how division and strife in the world can
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Harrowing Tales of Bessborough (Living section – Mayo News 19th May 2022) by Brid Conroy In the eighties I spent a wonderful summer in the Channel Islands working in a hotel. It was there I met a lovely, gentle, caring young girl from the Midlands. We lost touch as the years went on but her story stayed with me.Two years prior to us meeting, she had become pregnant and
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Cuckoo for the Greeks (Living section – Mayo news 27th January 2022 by Brid Conroy From philosophy to politics, medicine to engineering, mathematics to astronomy, architecture to the arts, Greek civilisation has contributed enormously to the world. We can even thank them for marathons, maps, umbrellas and alarm clocks.A new book, ‘The Greeks: A Global History’, by Roderick Beaton (published by Faber & Faber) tells the fascinating story of
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Different era, similar themes (Living section – Mayo News 10th February 2022 by Brid Conroy When Anne Enright won the booker prize in 2007 with ‘The Gathering’, she was considered an outsider, an Irish female author, ‘who had won against all the odds’. Yet as far back as 1773, Eibhlín Dubh Ní Chonaill wrote ‘Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire’ (‘Lament for Art O’Leary’), considered one of the greatest poems ever
Book Reviews at Tertulia Shop Now Irish Publishers worth getting behind (Living section – mayo news 7th April 2022 by Brid Conroy Did you know that an e-reader uses 50 times more fossil fuel to read a full book than it does to read a paper book by electric light?This was just one of the many interesting facts I found out at the recently held Booksellers Association annual Conference in Dublin. The theme this year