Book Club

Book Club

We started a book club meeting on weekend afternoons which took to meeting outdoors on the Green across from the shop during Covid  – a great bunch of fun people who love books and the bookshop.  Next meeting will be Covid dependent.  Anyone is welcome to join when passing through town. Our current book being reviewed is “Shuggie Bain”- Douglas Stuart. Past books included “This Narrow Land” – Christine Hickey Dwyer,  “There There” – Tommy Orange,  “A Thousand Moons” – Sebastian Barry and “This is Happiness” – Niall Williams.

Book Club Sept 2020

Science Fiction Book Club

We started this meeting on Sunday Afternoons and will reconvene post Covid – great club for lovers of science fiction (hence the science fiction corner in the shop). Latest books “Leviathan Awakes”.

Writers Book Club

Every second Wednesday evening we get together a bunch of local writers and study the form and beauty of other writers. Led by Kate, we are working our way through “The Art of the Personal Essay”.

Sunday Tertulia

We have had Jane Suiter founder of the Citizens Assembly speak at our Sunday Tertulia on a cold, wet afternoon in November. We have had Philosophy and Poetry – where do they overlap? We discussed Climate Change and what kind of world could exist with climate change sorted. We’ve learnt about Longitude…Many more Sunday Tertulias planned.

Up close and personal with your favourite author
We’ve had Eithne Shortall, Liz Nugent, Brian O’Connell, Jane Suiter and many more…