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Tertulia, a bookshop like no other! is a magical place located in Westport, County Mayo. For book lovers, film lovers, Harry Potter fans, Tertulia is a place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, meet old friends and new, chat about books and so much more.

The mission of Tertulia is to contribute to a positive change in the way the world thinks. The vision of Tertulia is to live in a world where every story matters, to live in a world that understands that (our) stories are interconnected. It is this understanding that can help make our world a more equal society.

We are sorry to be closed again under Level 5 restriction. 

We are offering local delivery and postage of course.  

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Co-owner Neil Paul, born in London, of Irish parents, brought up in Pimlico, around the corner from the Houses of Parliament. As a child Neil played in (the grounds of) Buckingham Palace with the servants’ children who went to the same school. 


Co-owner Brid Conroy, born in Dublin city centre, also of Irish parents, developed a love of books from early on. Brid’s grandmother sent her on twice weekly visits to Capel St Library to seek out any Mills and Boons books her Nanna hadn’t yet read.

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We are passionate about engaging with people – feeling part of something.

We all want to feel part of something and our bookshop is a way of reaching out to people, providing a forum for stretching our assumptions about the world. It might be something as simple as a book club, a place to enjoy a coffee, a glass of wine, a conversation, or losing yourself in a great book. Whatever it is, you will find it here at Tertulia.

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Our Adventures

At the beginning of our trip; we landed in India in December 1990, not a mobile phone or email in sight. We kept in touch with family by poste restante (sending letters to the local post office which we picked up on arrival in cities along the way). We transferred that same morning from Delhi airport to a flight heading for Kathmandu (eventually) after being barred from the airport but through tea with airport manager and other stories, we finally boarded the flight, landing later that day in the shadow of the Himalayas.     

What our customers love about tertulia
Tertulia Westport really is A Bookshop Like No Other. I visited this amazing new bookshop on The Quays, Westport. It is welcoming, with varied stock, fantastic coffee, and comfy couches. The staff are very friendly and I felt welcome to browse, chat, or read. A great addition to the area.
A book shop like no other ? - that it surely is! While the book shop itself is inviting, warm, and interesting, what makes the difference is the service. Always with a smile, a chat, helpful, and engaging. Lovely staff, lovely ambiance, and most importantly- lovely books and coffee. Thanks Brid and Neil!
- David Gray
Extraordinary place. Wonderful atmosphere, great selection and lovely staff. A shopping experience like no other. Didn’t feel rushed, could have spent hours there. Will be back over and over again.
- Jacqueline C